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Muktidhara Yojana 2021 in West Bengal, about which we will know in detail in this article. By the way, dealing with the issue of unemployment has always been the agenda of the state government for West Bengal. Because people are moving to rural areas like cities due to lack of employment.

To stop this massive exodus, the state government has “Muktidhara Scheme West Bengal“The scheme has been implemented so that employment opportunities can be developed in the villages. This scheme has been made mainly with the aim of empowering the weak people and increasing the income of women and their families.

Muktidhara Yojana 2021 in West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee It has been created by the government for unemployment in rural areas and for the overall development of self-help groups. Today in this article SHG Yojana West BengalYou will get detailed information about the Muktidhara Yojana, like- what is Muktidhara Yojana, features of the scheme, benefits of the scheme, etc.

Muktidhara Scheme 2021 in West Bengal

This scheme has been made by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal for eradicating unemployment in rural areas and overall development of self-help groups.

The objective of this scheme is that this scheme can bring stability in rural life. And to remove poverty and unemployment, financial assistance can be provided through self-help groups and self-employment.

Under this scheme West Bengal Government will give training to Self Help Group, which is registered in this scheme. After this, if you become fully trained, then the government will also give you financial support for self-employment.

Self-help groups formed from the scheme will work as volunteers in rural areas. Meaning these members will help in the development of vegetable growing, poultry farming, poultry farming, plate making of Sal leaves and other parenting related works.

This scheme will motivate each family of the Self Help Group to participate in various employment activities and earn at least 3000 rupees per family owner.

West Bengal Muktidharayojana2021 To empower the financially weak people through And especially to increase the income of women and family, so that their life can be made easier.

Important points related to Muktidhara scheme

  • Through this scheme, there is rapid increase in the income of self-help groups and self-employed, poverty eradication and increase in the family income of economically backward women.
  • In this scheme, registered members will be given training related to innovative farming techniques and other business.
  • Muktidhara scheme was first launched in Purulia district on 7th March 2013, and the scheme was run in collaboration with NABARD.
  • Initially, members of 139 SHGs from Balrampur and Purulia districts were extensively trained under this scheme.
  • The registered members in this scheme are trained by the government.
  • For more information related to the scheme, the official website “” is available.
  • Muktidhara scheme is to make agriculture developed with advanced technology, and other business is also to be developed with advanced technology.
  • Under this scheme, training and field training will be provided by the district administration from time to time to the members.
  • Under the scheme, 25 people from each village will be trained.
  • To empower women, work will be available in the village itself and loans will be available at 2% interest rate.
scheme name Muktidhara Yojana
plan presenter West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee
scheme launch date March 2013
Objective of the plan To increase the income of self-help groups, self-employed and poor women
beneficiaries of the scheme SHG and poor women registered under this scheme
Scheme Implementation Location West Bengal (Purulia)
control center State Rural Development Department
official website
helpline number 2262-7270

Salient Features of West Bengal Muktidhara Yojana

There are many benefits of this scheme, such as-

  • make living easierIf seen today, there are very few employment opportunities in rural areas, so people are migrating to the cities. But through this scheme employment opportunities will be provided to the rural residents so that their standard of living can be improved.
  • stabilizing incomeThe purpose of this scheme is to give training related to agriculture business or other business to the rural people so that they can do self employment. Through this scheme, the monthly income base is to be raised above Rs.3000 by giving training.
  • Self help group (SHG) benefit toIn this scheme, self-help groups will be given clear benefits so that they can provide necessary training to the villagers. With this, all rural residents will be able to develop their own business.
  • Benefits to women Under this scheme, the state government aims to connect more and more women to the scheme. So that women can also get training and make their livelihood easier.
  • loans at low ratesNot every business can be started without money, but not everyone has enough investment amount. If you have received training from this scheme and want to start your own business, then the government will provide loans to Self Help Groups (SHGs) by SHG Bank at very low interest rate.
  • Repayment tenure of loan amountIf you are involved in SHG then you can get loan from SHG. You will be given enough time to repay this loan. Apart from this, this bank will not put much pressure on you.
  • SHG groupA self-help group of people to be registered in this scheme will be formed, which will have more than 10 members. All these members will be given technical knowledge and financial assistance for employment.
  • essential machinesIf you get complete training, then the government will also give you new and advanced machines to start a business, which will make the cultivation of crops easier.

What is Self Help Group (SHG)

When you get yourself registered in Muktidhara Yojana 2021 in West Bengal, then you join this scheme. After this, a group of 10 or more than 10 members is formed under this scheme, which is called a self-help group.

In this scheme, SHGs are given technical knowledge and financial assistance to start employment. Apart from this, you also help the people by going to the village, so that the residents of the village can also increase their employment and become empowered.

How to register in Muktidhara Yojana

If you are a resident of West Bengal and live in rural area, then you can register yourself in Muktidhara Yojana. For this you have to first go to the official website.

  1. On this website you will find in the menu bar Information Center> Formsoption will be available.
  2. ,FormsAfter clicking on the option, you will get a list of many forms, out of which you have to download the form of SHG.
  3. You will take a print out of this form and then fill it with the correct information.
  4. After filling the form with correct information, you will attach the required documents with that form.
  5. Keep in mind that you will also need the approval of the village panchayat on the form, and the signature of the office. So fill the form thoroughly.
  6. After this, submit your form to the department of Muktidhara Yojana.

Note: For more information you can visit the official website.

second way

You can apply online by clicking on the link given below. For the application, you have to enter mobile number, OTP, name and group name.

for application click here and apply.

Job Opportunities under Muktidhara Scheme West Bengal

  1. job for trainersUnder this scheme, people associated with self-help groups are given employment training. After this, after the completion of their training, they are given financial support to start their own business.
  2. new business createdThe purpose of this scheme is to train people by high technology and develop new medium, small and micro business. In this scheme, Self Help Groups also inform other village residents about new employment opportunities.
  3. farming reform– SHGs will give more emphasis on increasing the businesses related to agriculture, so that farming can be done well. And village residents can know about new technologies.
  4. animal husbandryApart from agriculture, the business of animal husbandry in the village is also very profitable. Animal husbandry requires proper training, which SHGs will provide.

Process of implementation of Muktidhara Yojana 2021 in West Bengal

Let us now know how this scheme will work, and how will this scheme lead to overall development in the villages?

  • The work of supervising all the activities related to the scheme will be of the district administration officer.
  • A self-help group of registered members will be formed in this scheme. And these groups will be formed by the head of the Gram Panchayat. The responsibility of supervising these groups will be of the Panchayat.
  • SHGs will form groups and provide training and necessary things to the villagers, so that every member of the village can become self-reliant.
  • The SHG will also have trainers who will provide theoretical and practical training to the villagers so that rural residents can also participate in any business.
  • Apart from training, SHGs will ensure that the group members get the necessary financial support. This financial support can be obtained by SHG Bank in the form of loan at very low interest rate.
  • The self-help group will be responsible for distributing money among the rural members according to their business needs.
  • The money taken in the form of loan will be collected from the members of the lead group of SHGs and return it back to the bank. In this way the scheme will work and there will be overall development of the village.

Benefits of Muktidhara Yojana 2021 in West Bengal

  1. The members of the Self Help Groups who have received training from the scheme can take loans from the bank at very low interest rates. And they will get loan up to Rs.1.25 lakh.
  2. Those selling fuel wood and cultivating in traditional way will get very good benefits from this scheme.
  3. This scheme encourages each family of SHG to participate in many income generating activities and earn at least Rs 3000 per month.
  4. Most of the training in this scheme will be given related to agricultural work so that agriculture can be made easy with new and advanced techniques.
  5. Muktidhara Yojana will reduce the unemployment of rural areas and will lead to overall development of Self Help Groups.

Success Level of West Bengal Chief Minister Muktidhara Yojana

The scheme has been quite successful in the initial parts. Through this scheme many people have been able to get loans to start agriculture business and animal husbandry business.

You must be aware that the condition of agriculture related business in West Bengal is very bad. People are migrating from villages to cities for business. But after this scheme people easily got loan at low interest to start their own business.

Apart from this, the people of West Bengal also got training to do agriculture in easy ways. People saw many new ways to make agriculture easier.

This scheme was started in Purulia which has now spread to some other parts of West Bengal as well. Due to the success of the scheme, the possibility of taking the scheme to more parts of the state has increased.

Due to the spread of the scheme, the scheme will now take the form of a more complex programme. Now more and more people will be benefited from Muktidhara Yojana. This scheme will also provide employment to those people in rural areas who are evergreen and will be there for years to come.

This scheme will mainly develop agriculture more as well as create other business opportunities as well.

FAQs – Muktidhara Scheme for Self-Help Groups in West Bengal

Q1. What is Muktidhara Scheme?

Answer: This scheme was launched in March 2013 in West Bengal by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. This scheme was made to remove unemployment in rural areas and for the overall development of self-help groups. Even today the scheme is running very successfully and the residents of the village are making self-reliant by giving financial support.

Q2. What is Self Help Group in West Bengal?

Answer: Self-help groups are formed by the village panchayat, who are subsequently registered in the scheme. After this the members of this group are given technical knowledge and financial support to start employment.

Q3. How many Self Help Groups are there in West Bengal?

Answer: This scheme was started in March 2013, then initially members of 139 Self Help Groups of Balrampur and Purulia district were trained under the scheme. The scheme has now spread to a large extent and continues to benefit the people.

Q4. What are the rules of Self Help Groups?

Answer: There will be 10 to 20 members in the self-help group. SHG meetings should be held regularly. The presence of SHG members is mandatory. Registration of members is mandatory, etc.

Q5. How can I apply for Self Help Group?

Answer: Applying for SHG is very easy as the application is online. All you have to do for the application is click on the link and enter your mobile number, name, group name.

conclusion –

In this article we have given youMuktidhara Yojana 2021 in West BengalFull detailed information has been given about. Hope this information will be useful for you. For more information you can visit the official website. You will get all the information easily on the website.

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