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What is Rajasthan SSO ID, what are the benefits of SSO ID, how to do SSO ID registration, how to login Rajasthan SSO ID, how to open SSO ID, SSO ID KaiseDekhe, etc. You will also have some of the questions, whose answers you want from this article. Huh.

SSO Rajasthan Government.In Website has been started by the Rajasthan State Government to provide online facility to the Rajasthani citizens. If you register on Rajasthan SSO Portal then you will get SSO ID (User Name) and Password.

Rajasthan SSO ID PortalYou can get the facility of online services of more than 100 departments on a single portal. And the SSO ID is much more secure and remains under the supervision of the government. let us now SSO Rajasthan Login And Registration Provides complete and accurate information regarding

Rajasthan SSO ID What is SSO ID Full Form

@ sso.rajsthan.gov.in Portal was launched by the Rajasthan State Government in the year 2013. Online facilities of more than 100 government schemes are now provided on this portal. You can register and apply online for any Rajasthan government scheme through the same portal.

SSO full name of ,Single Sign-in”, which means that the SSO ID will be generated only once for each individual. And only that person can sign in on this SSO ID. All citizens of Rajasthan can create only one SSO ID for themselves.

Through Rajasthan SSO ID, you will get the benefits of online services of various government departments, such as- E-Mitra, Rajasthan Employment Service, Bhamashah Card Service, Vacancy Application Form, Online Money Transaction, Electricity and Water Bill Payment etc.

Portal Name SSO ID Rajasthan
start By Rajasthan State Government in 2013
purpose Providing online services for Rajasthan citizens
beneficiary Citizens of Rajasthan only
control Department of Information Technology & Communication, Government Of Rajasthan
Website https://sso.rajasthan.gov.in

let us now Process of RajasthanSSO ID Registration Let’s also discuss.

Benefits of Rajasthan SSO ID Portal

  • online application for government recruitment: Now SSO Id is required for any Rajasthan government job application. Because SSO ID is your One Digital Identity.
  • pay bills: On the SSO portal, we can pay electricity, water, mobile etc. bills with security.
  • for online application : You can submit application for various purposes by using Rajasthan SSO ID, like for university admission, application for RTI or other type of government license etc.
  • Benefits of various services with a unique ID and password: Various Rajasthan government services like- E-Mitra, Rajasthan service, Bhamashah card service etc. on ssorajasthan government.in website.

Benefits of services available from Rajasthan SSO ID Portal

  • Bhamashah
  • e-sakhi
  • E-Mitra, E-Library
  • business registration
  • artisan registration
  • Labor Department Management System
  • local self government
  • BPAS (UDH)
  • CHMS
  • DCE App etc.

Eligibility for Rajasthan SSO ID Registration

To apply for Rajasthan SSO ID, you must have some essential eligibility. like-

  1. The applicant must be a resident of local Rajasthan.
  2. If you are an industrialist then you can apply separately.
  3. Government employees of Rajasthan can apply separately on the SSO ID Portal.
  4. There is no compulsion of 18 years for creation of SSO ID.

Documents Required for Registration on SSO Portal

  1. applicant’s aadhar card
  2. Applicant’s Bhamashah Card / Jan Aadhar Card
  3. BRN Number Requirement for Business Applicants and Industry Industry
  4. SIPF ID Requirement for Government Employee Applicants

How to do SSO Rajasthan Login and Registration

SSO Rajasthan government.in website For login or new registration, you must have required documents and citizenship of Rajasthan. You Rajasthan SSO Id PortalYou can login and do online registration on the official website “sso.rajasthan.gov.in”.

If you go to SSO Portal then you will get two options, Login and Registration. If you have already registered then all you have to do is login with SSO ID and Password. And even if you forget the SSO ID or Password, you can do it again.

If you are new and creating SSO ID for the first time then you have to click on the registration option of the website. Here you will get the option to register in three categories, such as-

  1. Citizen
  2. Udhyog
  3. Govt. Employee

Choose whichever category you belong to from these three. After choosing your category, you can register yourself by following the following process and get the benefit of the government scheme.

Registration for SSO ID as Citizen

If you are a common person, student, laborer, non-government employee living in Rajasthan, then you can register for SSO Id as a citizen.

Here you may see four or only two options. You can register with whatever facility you have. Following is the process of registration-

On the official website, you will get the option of Citizen, in which you will get some other options, like

  1. Jan Aadhar
  2. Bhamashah
  3. Facebook
  4. Google Account
  5. You can register with any of the above four options, provided you have the documents.
  6. For example, you can choose Jan Aadhaar, from which you can easily register.
  7. After selecting the option a new window will open in which you have to enter Janadhar ID or Enrollment ID.
  8. After giving the Janadhar number, click on “Next”.
  9. A new page will open in which you have to provide some simple information and click on submit.
  10. In this way you can create SSO Id, and take advantage of facility like E-mitra.

Udhyog Registration Process

If you are an industrialist then you have to register yourself in Udhyog category. And for this you will get two options of Udhyod Adhaar or BRN, out of which you can choose any option.

  1. If you opt for UdhyogAadhaar then you will have to enter UdhyogAadhaar Number (UAN) and mobile number.
  2. After entering UAN and mobile number, click on Next.
  3. Now a new page will open in front of you, in which general information will be asked like name, father’s name, date of birth, address etc.
  4. After submitting all the information, your registration will be done.

Process of Registration in SSO I Govt.Employee

If you are a government employee then you have to register in govt.Employee category. And to register, the option of SIPF will be available.

  1. On clicking on SIPF, a new page will open in front of you.
  2. In this new page you have to enter SIPF Number and SIPF Password.
  3. Now you will be asked some general information, which has to be entered carefully.
  4. After providing all the details click on submit button.
  5. Now you will be successfully registered as Raj SSO.

How to Login Rajasthan SSO ID – Process

You have to do your successful registration before SSO ID login. If you have successfully registered then you can easily login. You will need SSO ID / User name and Password to login.

To login SSO ID, visit the official website.

  1. On this home page you will get the login option.
  2. Here you have to enter username and password.
  3. After this, the captcha of 6 digits has to be entered carefully.
  4. Finally you have to click on login.

If you have forgotten your SSO ID or Password, you can reset it.

Forgot SSO ID, reset it like this

  1. To reset SSO ID, first you have to visit the official website.
  2. On the home page of the official website, you will find two options of Forget Password and Forget SSO Id at the bottom.
  3. In this you have to click on Click Here written in front of Forgot SSO Id.
  4. Now a new page will open, in which you have to choose the option from which your SSO Id was created.
  5. After this simple information will be asked which you can easily give.
  6. After this you will get the SSO ID on the mobile number or from the e-mail ID.

How to recover or find SSO ID through SMS

You can also get SSO Id through SMS on 9223166166 number. You have to send SMS in the following way.

Type: RJ SSO

Keep in mind that you have to send this SMS from the registered mobile number in RajasthanSSO Portal only.

How to find password of SSO ID or SSO ID Kaise Dekhe

We have very little need for SSO ID, so often we forget our password. In such a situation, now how to know the password of SSO ID Login, then it is very easy to know the password.

If you have forgotten your SSO ID then you can create your new password from Rajasthan Single Sign-in Portal. For how to create a new password for SSO ID Login, follow the following procedure-

  1. First of all you have to visit the official website sso.rajasthan.gov.in.
  2. On the home page of the website, under the login section, two options of Forgot Password and Forgot SSO ID will be found.
  3. You have to click on Click here written in front of the option of Forgot Password.
  4. Now a new page will open in which you have to enter SSO ID or Email.
  5. After this you have to enter your registered mobile number, email id or Aadhaar ID / VID.
  6. Finally, you have to enter the 6 digit captcha and click on submit.
  7. After that you have to enter OTP.
  8. Now you can create your new password and submit it.
  9. Now you can login to SSO Portal with this password.

How to create SSO ID password through SMS

If we forget the password, then we can reset the password through SMS also. For this we have to send an SMS to 9223166166. In SMS you just have to write “RJ SSO PASSWORD” and send it.

Keep in mind that you can send this SMS only from that number which is registered in your SSO ID.

Helpline number and email id for Rajasthan Raj SSO ID

Many times we face any problem related to SSO ID or any application. So in such a situation, you can call the helpline number of ssoRajasthan government.in website or send mail to the email address.

  • helpline number: 0141 5153 222 , 0141 512 3717
  • E mail ID: Helpdesk.sso@rajasthan.gov.in

Note: From the home page of the sso.rajasthan.gov.in official website, you will get the option of “Helpdesk Details” in the black bar below. By clicking on that option, you can take help of many Rajasthan SSO Portal helpers.

FAQs (sso.rajasthan.gov.in register)

Q1. How to open SSO ID in phone?

AnswerFirst of all you have to open any browser on your mobile. And in that one has to visit the official website of SSO “sso.rajasthan.gov.in”. Here you have to login with your SSO ID and Password.

Q2. How can a citizen register under SSO?

Answer: It is very easy to register on SSO. If you are not an industrialist or any government employee then you can register as a citizen. Now you can register with Jan Aadhaar, Bhamashah, Facebook or Google account. The complete details of sso.rajasthan.gov.in register have been given in detail in this article.

Q3. Which is the SSO ID?

Answer: SSO ID Rajasthan government is providing all citizens in the form of digital identity. With the help of this Rajasthan SSO ID, a citizen of Rajasthan can get many benefits like online government scheme, bill payment, online application, vacancy form application.

Q4. How to check your SSO ID?

Answer: If you have forgotten your SSO ID and want to see your ID again, then you can get SSO ID in two ways. First of all, you have to go to the home page of the website, where the option of Forgot SSO id will be found under the login sector. Apart from this, you can find out the SSO ID by SMS to 9223166166.

Q5. What is the full form of SSO?

Answer: The full form of SSO is Single Sign In, which means a person can create only one SSO Id as his personal digital identity.

Conclusion (Rajasthan SSO ID Online registration / Login)

In this article we Rajasthan SSO ID Online registrationAnd get complete detailed information related to Rajasthan SSO ID login. Along with this some other important information has also been obtained, like what is SSO ID, SSO ID KaiseDekhe, how to find password of SSO ID etc.

If you are a resident of Rajasthan then SSO ID is very important. With the help of SSO ID, you are digitally identified. You can fill the form of any government scheme with the help of this.

Apart from this, works like bill payment, school or college admission, fee payment etc. are also being done on the ssoRajasthan government.in website. So Rajasthan SSO ID Online registration Very important.

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