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Goa Small Animal Rescue SchemeThere is life in even small animals, and they are very useful from the environmental point of view. The government is trying to save these small animals and therefore the government has started various schemes for the rescue of animals, one of which is the scheme “Small Animal Rescue Scheme Goa” Is.

This scheme has been started by the Government of Goa with the aim of saving small animals, and this scheme was started in 2014.

In this article, I will give you complete information about Goa Small Animal Rescue Management Scheme like what is Goa Small Animal Rescue Scheme, Purpose, Introduction, Eligibility, Application Process, Maximum Unit Price etc.

What is Goa Small Animal Rescue Management Plan

This scheme has been started by the Government of Goa in Goa, the main objective is to save the small animals. A survey was conducted which roughly estimated that there are around 30,000 stray dogs in this state. Many of these dogs have not been taken care of, so these dogs are either injured or suffering from various diseases.

The government of Goa is concerned about these sick and injured dogs, as well as reducing the stray dog ​​population. And this scheme has been started to solve these problems. Uncontrolled breeding of dogs has resulted in a large number of sick and hungry dog ​​puppies on the roads and beaches.

Small Animal Rescue Scheme Goa There is a very good scheme, which will work in collaboration with the Corporation, Municipality and the Animal Welfare Organization in the Panchayat State. Under this scheme, the number of stray dogs will be reduced scientifically, and arrangements will be made to sterilize them against rabies.

With the help of this scheme, the population of stray dogs will be kept under control, and at the same time they will also be saved from rabies. Once dogs were given the rabies vaccine, the incidence of rabies in humans would also be reduced.

Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 and by virtue of the rules made under this Act GSARMS Yojana2022 is working. Government in Goa Animal Birth Control(ABC) Planhas also been implemented, which is being implemented through this scheme. Under this scheme a comprehensive sterilization program Will be run, so that the population of stray dogs can be controlled.

scheme name Goa Small Animal Rescue Management Plan
start of plan in 2014
who started the plan Goa State Government
Objective of the plan Stray dogs sterilized and rabies free
benefits of the scheme Small animal population will be controlled
official website
current status Working

Objective of Goa Small Animal Rescue Scheme

This scheme has been started mainly for small animals. So that they can be protected from diseases and their reproduction can be controlled. This scheme has the following objectives-

  1. The population of stray dogs can be reduced by GSARMS Yojana 2022.
  2. Through this scheme it can be ensured that stray dogs are safe from rabies and are not carriers of rabies. So that this disease cannot spread to humans.
  3. Citizens can be given protection through Small Animal Rescue Scheme Goa. Because of this scheme the number of stray dogs will be controlled and the disease of rabies will also be reduced.

Eligibility for Goa Small Animal Rescue Management Scheme

You can apply for this scheme so that small animal rescue work can be done in your area. You can get the benefit of this scheme only if your organization has suitable eligibility. Note that you must have an organization of your own to apply for this scheme, which can work in small animal rescue.

The following eligibility will be required for the application-

  1. The Municipal Corporation, Municipal Council and Panchayat should have a Memorandum of Understanding on which the Municipal Corporation, Nagar Parishad and Panchayat have entered into an agreement with the local animal welfare organizations.
  2. Your animal welfare organization must be registered in permanent Goa, and should be working in Goa for the last 3 years.
  3. International Animal Organization can also apply for this scheme through Animal Welfare Board of India.
  4. Such organizations, which have applied to the Animal Welfare Board of India, will not be given the same grant under this scheme.

Documents Required for GSARMS Yojana2022

The following documents will be required to apply for this scheme.

  1. Requirement of Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between two parties
  2. Certificate of Registration of the applicant organization under the appropriate authority
  3. No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Statutory Authority
  4. Notarized Affidavit Required
  5. Aadhar card
  6. Premises ownership document for at least 10 years or more, or Premises Ownership Document required
  7. You will need Forms 1 and 14 of the Land for Infrastructure, as well as a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Statutory Authority.

Help Pattern of Goa Small Animal Rescue Scheme

Through this scheme, both animals and citizens get benefits in many ways, such as-

  1. These stray dogs are parked by the side of the road, which requires a vehicle. Under this scheme, a grant of 90% is given for taking the vehicle, and the salary of the co-cattle driver from the scheme is given along with 100% subsidy.
  2. Now these animals are taken to a certain place, where they are treated, operated and vaccinated by a veterinary surgeon. Under this scheme 100% subsidy is given for surgery, animal feeding and medicine expenses. The surgeon is paid 100% of the monthly salary.
  3. These small animals are kept in cages before and after the nursery. Stray animals are kept in these cages for at least 3 days. Grants are also given for these cages and structures.
  4. These dogs, when kept for 3 days before and after surgery, have to be given food, for which 100% subsidy is given by the scheme.
  5. Anesthesia, surgical supplies, medicine and other necessities are also incurred for the sterilization of these stray dogs. 100% of which is available from the grant scheme.
  6. When these dogs are sterilized, then ear tag, microchip or notching is used to identify these dogs, the cost of which is also subsidized by this scheme.
  7. Once the stray dogs have undergone surgery, the AWO will then send the parts of these dogs to the local Veterinary Officer or the local Assistant Director for verification and pathology. After which the local authority will issue the certificate of counting of organs. And this certificate is useful when subsidy is released under the scheme.

cost under the scheme

Under this scheme, the local organization i.e. Municipal Corporation, Municipality and Panchayat, is given suitable cost and grant for carrying out the work. These costs are given as follows.

1. 90% subsidy for small animal capture vehicle A grant of up to Rs 3 lakh will be given for the vehicle.
2. Salary of a driver who catches roadside dogs The salary of the driver will be 10 thousand rupees per month.
3. cost for sterilization 900 rupees will be spent per animal for sterilization.
4. Cost of construction of sheds to keep dogs before and after sterilizing 5000 per square meter will be spent for the construction of the shed.
5. cost of cages to keep dogs 5000 rupees per cage will be spent for the cages for the dogs.
6. The cost of feeding and keeping dogs for three days A meal for 3 days would cost Rs 75, and per dog would cost Rs 25 for the day.
7. cost for rabies vaccination 50 rupees per dog will be spent for vaccination.
8. veterinary surgeon doctor job cost The salary of the Veterinary surgeon will be thirty thousand rupees per month.
9. Apart from this, other types of expenses Cost of disposing of dead dogs Cost of surveying all stray dogs Expenses for publicity and awareness for citizens Microchip, ear tag Contingency Rs.5 per dog for survey of stray dogs Rs.500 per dog for disposal of dead dogs Rs.200 per dog for microchip or ear tag

NoteFor more details you can download the official PDF.

Application process for Goa Small Animal Rescue Management Scheme

To apply for this scheme, you have to follow the following procedure.

  1. GSARMS Yojana 2022 as an organization to apply have to register on.
  2. For this, you have to go to this official website, on the top of the home page “Registration”and “Login” option, out of which you have to click on Registration.
  3. To register, you will first have to provide email id and mobile number.
  4. Now you will get an OTP on the mobile number, enter it.
  5. On entering the OTP, you will have to provide your name and Aadhar card, and RegistrationTo click on the button.
  6. Now your registration has been done, but the application has not been done. For this you have to visit the website of the scheme ( to go to, click.
  7. Now under the photo on the right you will find “Apply Onlineoption will be found, click on it.
  8. On clicking, you will be given other details, which you can read, and then click “Proceed to ApplyYou can click on
  9. Now youLoginClick on the button, and login with username or email and password. To login, you have to enter captcha, but if you are not able to enter captcha, then you can login with the help of OTP.
  10. Now the application in front of you form will opencontaining all the necessary fillings.
  11. After this you have to attach some necessary documents.
  12. now you apply ApplyClick on it, and your application will be submitted.
  13. On submission of the application you Acknowledgment Number Have to note down. Or you can also take a print out of the form and keep it safe.

Note: You can track the status of your application with the help of Acknowledgment Number.

FAQs – Small Animal Rescue Scheme Goa

In this article, we have discussed in detail the Goa Small Animal Rescue Management Plan. Let us now discuss some FAQs related to GSARMS Yojana2022.

Q1. What is Goa Small Animal Rescue Management Plan?

Answer: This scheme has been started in 2014 by the Government of Goa for small animals. Injured and suffering from various diseases can be controlled by this scheme. And large numbers of dogs and rabies disease can be controlled.

Q2. What is the purpose of Small Animal Rescue Scheme Goa?

AnswerThere are three main objectives of this scheme-
Reducing the population by sterilizing stray dogs
To ensure that stray dogs are safe from rabies, and whether they are carriers of rabies.
To protect citizens from small animals.

Q3. How to apply for Goa Small Animal Rescue Management Scheme?

Answer: If you are a local organization of Goa (Municipal Corporation, Municipality and Panchayat), then you can apply. For this you have to go to the official website and register.

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conclusion –

In this article, I tell youGoa Small Animal Rescue Management PlanDetailed information has been given about. Also in this article, I will tell you Small Animal Rescue Scheme Goa The process of application is also given.

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