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Uttrakhand Saubhagyavati Yojana In Hindi: This scheme has been implemented by the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand state, Trivendra Singh Rawat. Under this scheme, two different kits will be given to pregnant women and newborn children. This scheme has been started with the aim of benefitting pregnant women.

Uttarakhand Saubhagyavati Scheme The announcement of the scheme has been started for the pregnant women and newborn children of the state. In this scheme, two kits will be given, due to which special attention has been paid to the nutrition of the pregnant and the cleanliness of the newborn.

In this lake, I will give you information related to Uttarakhand Saubhagyavati Yojana, like What is Uttarakhand Saubhagyawati YojanaSaubhagyavati Yojana Online Application Application Form, Application Form in the scheme and eligibility and benefits etc.

Uttarakhand Saubhagyavati Yojana In Hindi

Uttarakhand Saubhagyavati Yojana launched in Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat had done. And this scheme has been started for better health of pregnant women and newborn babies. Uttarakhand Saubhagyawati Yojana2022 Under this scheme, to give better health to pregnant women and newborn babies, nutritious food, clothes and cleaning kits will be given to them.

I already told that this plan Under 2 different kits The first kit will be given to the pregnant woman and the second kit will be given to the newborn. In this kit, clothes are given according to the local dress and season, along with nutritious food is also given.

If you also have the eligibility for this scheme, then you can become the beneficiary of this scheme. And you can apply through online mode. Saubhagyavati Yojana Online Application Application Form The information is given below in this article.

scheme name Uttarakhand Saubhagyavati Yojana2022
who started Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat
Scheme Implementation Date 10 November 2020
planning Department Women and Child Development Department
Objective of the plan To provide nutritious food, clothes and other essential items to the pregnant women of poor and poor families of the state.
benefits of the scheme The essential needs coming from the pregnant woman till the birth of the newborn baby will be met by the government.
beneficiary of the scheme pregnant women and newborns
State Uttarakhand, India
year of planning 2022
Website wecd.uk.gov.in

Objectives of Chief Minister Uttarakhand Saubhagyavati Yojana 2022 (Intent)

Nowadays, many elders in the country become victims of malnutrition as soon as they are born and then their health also never remains good. Malnutrition is a very worrying problem in today’s time, to solve which the government has Uttarakhand Saubhagyavati Yojanachose to

Under this scheme, all poor women need cleanliness and nutritious food during pregnancy. Apart from this, there are some other essential needs, such as seasonal clothes etc. The purpose of starting this scheme by the government is to provide nutritious food and hygiene to pregnant women.

Even today there are many families in India who are financially weak, and due to poor economic condition, they are not able to meet the standards of nutritious diet and cleanliness. Therefore, the government decided that two separate kits would be given to such a pregnant woman and a newborn child.

Under this scheme, pregnant women and newborn babies will be given essential items in the form of kits. The objective of this scheme is to provide proper sanitation facilities to pregnant women and babies of the state and proper nutritious food for better health.

  1. To ensure proper sanitation to pregnant women and newborn children of the state. Apart from this, giving them nutritious food for better health.
  2. With this scheme, the number of green children suffering from malnutrition can be reduced.
  3. Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) and Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) can be significantly reduced through this scheme.
  4. To provide necessities like better health, hygiene and nutritious food etc. to the economically weaker poor women.

Benefits of Uttarakhand Saubhagyavati Yojana 2022

Uttarakhand Saubhagyavati Yojana 2022 Under this scheme, poor pregnant women get benefits in many ways. like-

  1. The benefit of this scheme will be given to the poor women of Uttarakhand who are unable to take care of their health and cleanliness due to their weak economic condition.
  2. The pregnant women and newborn babies of the state will get the benefit of Saubhagyavati Yojana.
  3. Under SaubhagyavatiYojana to provide proper sanitation facilities to pregnant women and newborn babies through this scheme and to give nutritious food necessary for their better health.
  4. Under this scheme, apart from nutritious food, items and clothes are given for cleanliness.
  5. Under the scheme, in its first phase, about 30000 to 40000 pregnant women will be identified and selected as beneficiaries.
  6. Under the Uttarakhand Saubhagyavati Yojna, daily useful materials will be provided to pregnant women and newborns in separate kits.
  7. This scheme has been started by the Chief Minister to give better care to pregnant women and babies.
  8. Weather-friendly clothes will be given to the pregnant woman and the newborn child in the kit.

What do pregnant women and newborn babies get in the kit

Uttarakhand CM Trivendra Singh Rawat had started the Saubhagyavati project to help poor pregnant women. Under this scheme, two different kits are given to such women, meaning one kit will be given to the woman and the other kit will be given to the newborn child.

This kit is very useful for pregnant, in which nutritious food, dry fruits, toiletries and clothes etc. are given, so that the newborn baby is completely healthy. Different types of materials are given in both the kits available under the scheme.

Items available in the kit for pregnant women in Saubhagyavati Scheme

Under this scheme, the following items will be given in the kit to be given to the pregnant women of the state.

250 grams almond kernels, dried apricots or walnuts Two cotton gowns, sarees or suits
a large towel Two Packets of Sanitary Napkins (8 napkins in each packet)
200 ml Handwash Liquid Coconut, Sesame, Mustard or Chulu oil
1 shawl warm full size 500 grams chuhara
2 laundry detergent 2 bath soap
Two pairs of bed sheets with pillow cover a nail cutter
1 scarf cotton or warm standard size Two pairs of socks in standard size

In this way, pregnant women will be given kits under the Uttarakhand Saubhagyavati Yojana.

List of items in a newborn baby kit in UttarakhandSaubhagyaYojana

The following are the ingredients in the kit provided to the newborns under this scheme-

Two pairs of cotton or warm baby clothes with hat and socks depending on the season 2 baby blankets, seasoned warm or cotton
One Packet 10 Pieces Cotton Diaper a cotton soft baby towel
three baby soap a rubber sheet
1 bottle of powder and 1 oil A cotton bang will be available to pack all the material

Eligibility or Beneficiaries for Uttarakhand Saubhagyavati Yojana2022

You must have some essential eligibility to apply for Saubhagyavati Scheme 2022. like-

  1. For the application of Saubhagyavati Yojana, the applicant should be a resident of Uttarakhand.
  2. The eligible beneficiaries of this scheme will be considered only pregnant women and newborn babies of the state.
  3. Only pregnant women above 18 years of age can participate in Saubhagyavati Yojana.
  4. If you are a tax payer or you are a government employee then you cannot take advantage of this scheme.

Documents required for Uttarakhand Saubhagyavati Yojana 2022

If you are a beneficiary for this scheme i.e. eligible to apply in the scheme then you will need some necessary documents. And these documents are as follows-

  1. Aadhar card
  2. identity card
  3. income certificate
  4. active mobile number
  5. bank account passbook
  6. passport size photo
  7. Certificate of local residence for application
  8. Proof of age (like birth certificate or 10th class mark sheet)

Saubhagyavati Yojana Online Application Application Form Filling Process

if you Uttrakhand Saubhagyavati YojanaIf eligible, then you can become a beneficiary of this scheme and apply. Government after applying 30000 to 40000 in the first phase Will pick pregnant women, and give them two different kits. This kit will contain all the daily essentials like dry fruits, soap, oil, blanket, woolen shawl, bedsheet, sanitary napkin, diaper, ladies and baby clothes etc.

but i want to tell you that Mukhyamantri Saubhagyavati Yojana2022 Beneficiaries applying under this will have to wait a little more. Because only announcement has been made about this scheme but there is no latest news related to implementation. No official website has been launched yet for the application of this scheme.

So you can apply after the scheme is implemented. i will come to you Uttarakhand Saubhagyavati Scheme I will keep giving you the latest news related to it.

FAQs – Uttrakhand Saubhagyavati Yojana in Hindi

So far in this article we have learned that Saubhagyavati Scheme what is, Let us now discuss some important FAQs related to Uttarakhand Saubhagyavati Yojana.

Q1. Who can take advantage of Saubhagyavati Yojana 2022 ,

Answer: Under this scheme, poor pregnant women who are weak from the economic condition of Uttarakhand are the beneficiaries. And for the eligibility of the scheme, the age of the pregnant woman should not be more than 18 years and the application should be a local resident. Apart from this, pregnant women should not be tax payers or government employees.

Q2. What is Chief Minister Saubhagyavati Yojana,

Answer: This scheme was announced by Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, under which two different kits will be given to poor pregnant women and her newborn baby for better health and hygiene. And in these kits useful things will be given in daily life, such as dry fruits, clothes for women and children, oil, soap, towels etc.

Q3. What are the documents required for Uttrakhand Saubhagyavati Yojana?

Answer: If you are eligible for this scheme then you will need some necessary documents for application. Such as- Aadhar card, income certificate, bank account passbook, birth certificate, age certificate, mobile number etc.

Q4. What will pregnant women get in the kit under Saubhagyavati Yojana,

Answer: In this kit you will get many things like almond kernel, dry, apricot, walnut, soap, oil, bedsheet, towel, hand wash, laundry soap, nail cutter, coconut oil, sanitary napkin, date palm Sarees or suits etc.

Q5. What will the newborn child get in the kit under the Saubhagyavati scheme?,

Answer: Under this scheme, the newborn child will be given various useful things in daily life. For example, two pairs of baby clothes, baby towels, cotton soft, cap and socks, rubber sheets, cotton diapers, cotton bags to pack all the material, oil, baby soap, blacknette warm or cotton etc.

Q6. How to Apply for Uttarakhand Saubhagyawati Yojana?

Answer: Aspirants who are interested in this scheme will have to wait for a while now. Because the Chief Minister has announced to implement this scheme. But till now there is no news about the starting date of the scheme, nor is there any official website to apply. but you latest update wecd.uk.gov.incan be seen on the website.

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In this article, I Uttrakhand Saubhagyavati Yojana In Hindi I have shared complete information with you. If this scheme opens in future then you can apply very easily with the help of this article.

we over here Uttarakhand Saubhagyavati Scheme Detailed information about the purpose, benefits, eligibility, documents and kit etc. is given. I hope you enjoy this article Saubhagyavati Scheme From All the relevant information will be available. Otherwise you can send your query to us by commenting below.







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