13 killed in Iranian drone and missile attacks on Kurdish targets in Iraq | World News

Thirteen people have been killed after Iran fired missiles and drones at militants in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq. Iran said it would continue attacking “terrorists” and has blamed Iranian dissidents of involvement in the unrest sparked by the death of a woman in police custody. Fifty-eight people were wounded and 13 killed in … Read more

Ousted Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi jailed for another three years | World News

Myanmar’s ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been sentenced to another three years in prison after being convicted of breaching the country’s official secrets act. The 77-year-old was tried alongside Australian economist Sean Turnell, who was also found guilty and handed the same jail term. Three former members of Ms Suu Kyi’s cabinet were … Read more

‘If I have to, I’ll go to jail’: The Russians who refuse to fight in Putin’s war | World News

It’s not the first time Mitya has packed to leave Moscow this year.  He left for Uzbekistan in mid-March when the first rumours around mobilisation and the borders closing caused a mass exodus of Russians. Putin may have scored ‘strategic own goal’ – latest updates “I don’t think it’ll feel like a good place anytime … Read more

Trapped squirrel forces Greggs shop to close | UK News

An overly adventurous squirrel forced a Greggs shop to close after getting trapped inside. The animal was captured in a branch of the pastry specialist in Perthshire on Saturday, and was not freed into the nearby Faskally woods until Tuesday evening. Greggs’ Twitter account revealed the critter’s movements the following morning, joking there had been … Read more

Ukraine war cannot provide ‘pretext for backsliding’ at UN climate talks COP27, host Egypt urges | Climate News

The energy and food crises fuelled by the war in Ukraine are an unacceptable “pretext for backsliding” at the United Nations COP27 climate talks, host nation Egypt has warned. With just over a month until the next yearly summit, ambassador Wael Aboulmagd, Egypt’s COP27 special representative, acknowledged the “complicating factors” that could hinder this year’s … Read more

‘Sabotage’: What we know about the Nord Stream gas leaks and who was behind them | World News

The EU has declared three leaks in two Russia-Germany gas pipelines to be the work of sabotage and suspicion has fallen on Russia. Some commentators have suggested the leaks are linked to the Ukraine war, though the Kremlin has described the accusations it was behind them as “predictable” and “stupid”. Here is what we know … Read more

Leaks to Nord Stream pipelines were likely a premeditated attack using explosive devices detonated remotely, says British defence source | World News

A suspected act of sabotage – possibly by Russia – against gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea was likely a premeditated attack using underwater explosive devices detonated remotely, according to a British defence source. The source said any mines could have been lowered to the seabed on a long line, dropped over the side of … Read more